101 in 1001

Start date: July 16, 2014
End date: April 12, 2017
I used THIS to calculate my dates

Italics = in progress
Pink = completed (27/101)

For others: (0/5)
  1. 10 random Acts of Kindness (2/10)
  2. Write 5 handwritten notes (3/5)
  3. Host a themed dinner party
  4. Send flowers to a friend
  5. Write a letter to my future husband (who I haven't met yet!)
For the blogger: (4/9)
  1. Guest post for a blogger
  2. Post 3x a week for one month (September 2014)
  3. Host a giveaway
  4. Have an encouraging blog series
  5. Reach 300 published posts (184/300)
  6. Participate in a blog swap (December 2014)
  7. Connect with 5 bloggers in person
  8. Buy a domain name (October 2015)
  9. Change blog name + revamp blog (October 2015-- Thanks a million, Chelsea!!!!)
For the girl who loves pampering: (5/10)
  1. Be in bed by 10:00pm every night for one week
  2. Spend a whole day reading (July 2015): Nobody's Cuter Than You
  3. Spa day with Erica at Hershey Hotel
  4. Get a blowout @ The DryBar (January 2016)
  5. Get a full body massage (January 2015)
  6. Subscribe to 3 magazines that I spend too much buying anyway (January 2015-- BHG, Coastal Living, HGTV)
  7. Spend a rainy day in pj's watching movies all day
  8. Buy a candle for every season for the apartment (fall 2014, winter 2015)
  9. Visit the eye doctor + get new glasses (October/November 2015)
  10. Read for 30 minutes every night for one week
For the goal setter: (3/15)
  1. Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days are over
  2. Be social media free for 24 hours
  3. Be social media free for three weekends
  4. Write 5 good things that happened every day for a month
  5. Use Lara Casey's Powersheets for a year
  6. Find my signature scent (December 2014)
  7. Throw out 20 things and don't replace them
  8. Read 20 new books (7/20) Nobody's Cuter Than You, Let's All Be Brave, The Antelope in the Living Room, Cold Tangerines, Looking For Lovely, The Finishing School, The Hopefuls
  9. Start and finish a full series on Netflix (March 2016; Fuller House)
  10. Make a list of 101 positive things about myself
  11. Refrain from buying anything other than necessities for a month ("no wants")
  12. Watch the sunrise + sunset in the same day (July 2015)
  13. Cash in two mason jars worth of change into my savings
  14. Complete the Disney Half Marathon + Palmetto Bluff Half with Erica
  15. Become a morning person [wake up @ 6am on week days for one month]
For the adventurer: (5/17) 
  1. Learn calligraphy (July 2015)
  2. Learn how to properly make a flower arrangement
  3. Take a roadtrip with my girlfriends
  4. Visit a new state (Maryland; December 2015)
  5. Go fly fishing with Dad
  6. Renew my passport
  7. Use my Canon for a week and document all pictures taken on the blog
  8. Attend a taping of Ellen
  9. Visit a winery + do a wine tasting (July 2015, Sanctuary Winery)
  10. Go berry picking
  11. Visit a National Park
  12. Visit NYC at Christmastime (January 2016)
  13. Visit 5 new cities (1/5) Savannah, GA (August 2015)
  14. Visit North Carolina again (July 2015)
  15. Swim with Dolphins
  16. Have dinner or drinks on a rooftop patio
  17. Try 10 new restaurants (9/10) Pag's PubOpen Water Grill, 86 West, Rachel's Creperie, Gina's Cafe, The Hattery, Bowman's Tavern, Sarabeth's, Shake Shack
For the creative gal: (1/11)
  1. Create an inspiration notebook
  2. Start a recipe binder
  3. Make a t-shirt quilt/blanket with old t-shirts
  4. Attend a photography workshop (May 2015) with Becka Pillmore Photography
  5. Try 10 recipes/projects found on Pinterest (0/10)
  6. Create a binder of apartment/dream house designs + furnishings
  7. Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all 4 seasons and frame them together
  8. Make a Shutterfly photo book of PSU memories 
  9. Knit my first scarf
  10. Attend a wine + painting class for a girls night out
  11. Take a cooking class
For the professional: (1/5)
  1. Graduate with my B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders (May 2015)
  2. Graduate with my Masters in Speech Language Pathology
  3. Get a new certification
  4. Accept an SLP job
  5. Make lessons for Teacher Pay Teachers
For the fitness seeker: (6/11)
  1. Create a healthier lifestyle
  2. Get to goal weight + maintain it
  3. Invest in a FitBit (February 2015) and a Polar Heart Rate watch (May 2015)
  4. Drink only water for a week (no tea, coffee, soda) (February 2015)
  5. Go to a juice bar (October 2014)
  6. Try a barre class (January 2015)
  7. Eat clean for one week (no processed foods) + blog about it
  8. Get a membership to Pure Barre for a month (March 2016)
  9. Try juicing for one week
  10. Complete 100 classes at Pure Bare
  11. Get new running sneakers (July 2015)
For the faith seeker: (1/6)
  1. Complete a bible study from She Reads Truth
  2. Fill a Write the Word journal (April 2016)
  3. Read through Proverbs 31
  4. Go to church every Sunday for a month
  5. Fill a prayer journal
  6. Write short gospel verses on 10 rocks with sharpie + throw them back onto the beach
For the investor: (3/12)
  1. Purchase something from Kate Spade (August 2014)
  2. Buy a desk (August 2015)
  3. Purchase stationary (July 2014)
  4. Find 5 "me" prints for my future apartment (0/5)
  5. Gather coffee table books (0/5)
  6. Buy a DryBar 3-Day Bender Curling Iron + perfect curling my hair
  7. Create a future beach house and add $500
  8. Purchase a new camera + lens (July 2014)
  9. Launch my photography business (part-time)
  10. Learn how to use Photoshop to its fullest potential
  11. Photo mentor session with Caroline Logan
  12. Open an Etsy shop

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