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I saw the other day that there are only 6 more Friday's until Christmas....what the what!!? I better start making my list and checking it twice! I always love putting together gift guides and I think this was one of my favorites to create! I love shopping for my family and friends to find unique gifts for them, but I also love sitting in the comfort of my own home and ordering online without the lines and crowds! It's the best of both worlds. Here you will find some of my tried and trues for the wonderful ladies in your life! *This post contains affiliate links.
for the...PHOTO LOVER 
wifi camera card// These two products have been game changers for me! The wifi camera card is so simple to use. Insert it into your camera, snap your photos and then connect the wifi to your phone and bam! The photos are now on your phone :) Love using this feature (especially) on vacation! 
canon 50 mm lens// If you're wondering what my favorite lens is, I'll let you in on the's my 50 mm f/1.4! This lens takes gorgeous pictures and you will always find this lens on my camera! If you're not ready to splurge, there is a less expensive version
for the....BEAUTY GURU
drybar curling iron // This curling iron has changed my life and made curling my hair so much easier because the barrel moves with YOU! My blowouts also last a second day, sometimes even a third! 
it cosmetics moisturizer // Hands down my favorite moisturizer. Ever. My skin is the driest on earth and since using this moisturizer consistently 2x/day I haven't had any problems!! Even in the cold, fall weather we've been having!
featherweight t2i luxe // Is it possible to love a hair dryer so much?! Because until I purchased the t2i luxe I didn't think it was. My hair is super fine and this dryer has kept the moisture in my hair leaving it full and soooo soft! Also takes about 10 minutes to get the perfect blow out without burning my hair! 
fresh lip treatments// These lip treatments always leave my lips feeling so soft and hydrated! Love that this set comes with a variety of colors too! Great for every occasion.
for the....HOMEBODY 
slippers // blanket // pajamas // apple tv + netflix subscription
Who doesn't love to be cozy while at home?! 
for the....GAL PAL
scarf // Our friend group (myself included) love a good scarf. When I came across this one I knew I had to have it and all of my girls too! The colors are perfect for every season. 
roller ball // Another group favorite! Perfect to throw in your purse and go. 
book // Every friend deserves this book. I laughed, smiled, and cried throughout this book and read it 
in two days. Chances are, you will too! 
coffee mug// Is it possible to ever have too many coffee mugs? The answer is always no! Paired with a starbucks or dunkin donuts or your favorite coffee shop gift card and you are good to go! (Perfect for teachers too!) 
photobook// Making a photo book is definitely a labor of love and one of my favorites to create because they are always so unique. I also enjoy watching them opening it- there's always a lot of crying and laughing!
for the....CULTIVATOR 
2018 powersheets // You can read all about my love for powersheets here + here. Powersheets have helped me to really focus on what mattered in 2017. 
day designer planner // 2018 will be my first year using the Day Designer. This past year I used the Simplified Planner and loved it. Powersheets + planner = the best of friends ;)
stickers // I mean life is better with stickers, right?! Best part is, you don't even have to use them with just your powersheets or planner. The options are endless! 
write the word journals // There are many products I love from the CWM shop, but these write the word journals miiight be my favorite. They have helped me get into the word + not feel overwhlmed with reading the bible. Their latest collection includes a different season of life. Perfect gift for any and every lady in your life!! 
for the....FITNESS GAL 
leggings // Best.Leggings.EVER. I snagged a pair during the Anniversary Sale and now that it's getting colder out, I've been wearing them on repeat. 
water bottle // Having a water bottle that will keep my drinks cold all day is a winner in my book! Especially being in and out of classrooms, I think I tend to stay more hydrated when my water is cold. 
apple watch// I love being able to answer calls and texts on my watch. I can track my water + steps too! I've been looking at my phone a lot less which has been awesome too! 
for the...TEACHER
As an educator and (slightly) recent college grad I love a good tote! I've had my Longchamp for years. Stuffed it with textbooks, my computer, notebooks, etc. and it has held up so so well! Now that I'm in the workforce, having a nice leather tote is great for job interviews and carrying anything you might need into work! 

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  1. Thanks for linking up with us today! All of these are amazing gift ideas and I'm totally stealing some for my mom! :)

  2. Oh that WiFi camera card is the BEST idea!!! Love all your picks! Thanks for linking up! Xo

  3. I've seen the longchamp tote twice today; it sounds like something I need to look into. I really need to get my 2018 planner as well.


    1. I was hesitant at first to buy my Longchamp because I didn't know how much I'd actually use it but it's now my go to for everyday. It's been one of the best bag investments for me.

  4. Thanks for linking up with us! I love all of these ideas. I need to get a wifi camera card, what a great idea!

  5. I love the pjs for the home body! That's totally me! lol

    1. Me too!! I always change into my pjs first when I get home! Lol

  6. I love how you broke it out into categories - they're all wonderful ideas!! Especially love the homebody section :)


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