Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy Fall, Y'all!

I can't believe it's already the first day of fall! It sure doesn't feel like it here in PA. High of 80's all weekend and even into next week. I'm definitely ready to ditch this heat + humidity and be able to enjoy cooler temperatures! Also feels good to pop in after months of being MIA! Life has been busy but I was also in a slight blogging rut. Every time I sat down to type it almost felt like a "chore" and I definitely didn't want this space to turn into that. There was also a part of me that felt I didn't have anything "exciting enough" to share. So, if that ever happens again- I'll be stepping away! Glad I got that off my chest. Now onto the FUN STUFF!!! 
ONE --
Let's just start off by saying, my days have been so off this week! We have an extra long weekend off from school this week and yesterday I totally thought it was Saturday. But I'm super happy there are still three days to enjoy before going back to work!!
I've been on a slight reading kick lately. Reviews are coming soon! What have you been reading?!
I've had the latest Iceland collection by OPI on my nails the past two weeks and I am LOVING the color! I was hesitant because the blue seemed so bold to me, but it's not and it also went with most of my outfits #winwin. These colors have me dreaming of going to Iceland something fierce- until I get there one day, it'll just be on my nails haha!  Overall, the new collection has a lot of great colors, so I'm thinking that they will be my go to's for the next few weeks! Current color: Check Out the Old Geysirs!

Yesterday I had some free time so I stopped into Old Navy to browse and walked out with a full bag of clothes. Oops ;) All of the tops/dresses I found were UNDER $25!! They are sooo cozy! Can't wait to pair them with leggings and these cute booties! Also can't help but swoon over my fall outfit inspo on pinterest. I have a feeling I'll be referring to it quite often this year!
Cozying up with fall TV! Fuller House season 3 is back tonight! Cheesy but it brings back the childhood memories. This Is Us is back on Tuesday and I'm counting down! This show always pulls at my heartstrings. Also, Shay shared about the new Hallmark movie premieres every Saturday night throughout the season. Who doesn't love happy, cheesy movies?! Our DVR is going to be on overload!! 

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  1. Where in PA are ya?! I grew up in Lancaster. :) LOVE that new Iceland collection - I hadn't seen that! I'm so looking forward to fall TV. I recently bought the whole series of the old school Full House and now my almost four year old daughter loves it, haha! Hope you have a great weekend. :)


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