Friday, December 2, 2016

FRI-YAY | 12.1.16

Hello DECEMBER!!! (wait, wasn't it just May?!) Hello, FRI-YAY! I'm currently curled up on the couch with a blanket, talenti in hand, and Christmas Vacation on abcfam (will still call it that as long as I live #sorrynotsorry). I'm so excited 25 days of Christmas is finally here!! It's been a couple of weeks  + I'm so thankful to be able to just relax tonight :) #weekendineedyou

As I was perusing Whole Foods earlier this week I came across my favorite popcorn with a little holiday twist! Dark chocolate drizzled on top of popcorn?! Brilliant! It's so good and self control is definitely required :)

I forgot how much I lovvveddd flannel sheets until I snagged a pair from tar-jay a few weeks ago. I was instantly reminded why they are a winter staple. heaven.  Thanks, Elise ;) The ivory color won my heart because there's something so calming about white sheets. Oh, and they're under $20 right now....hollllaaaa! AND they're actually really good quality. Go grab yourself a pair. You'll thank me later! 
Saturday I got a lovely 2017 powersheets came in the mail!!!! After working a crazy, long day I was so excited to look through them :) If you've never heard of Lara Casey or powersheets, go take a look, they will change your life! Ohhh, and let me not forget that sticker book. It's the real deal y'all and has THE cutest stickers ever! I want to buy one of each of my girls! They're so fun!
I love a good printable to simplify my life or new wallpaper to spruce up my phone or computer! 
You can find the download  HERE!

Okay, so how CUTE is  this?! New wallpaper + tons of others- yes please!!! Love me Evelyn Henson!

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  1. I love a festive desktop wall paper ! Thank you for sharing !

  2. they will change your life Buy Custom Essays and let me not forget that sticker book. It's the real deal y'all and has THE cutest stickers.


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