Monday, June 1, 2015

J U N E || monthly goals

Happy June!! 6 months into 2015. Someone please tell me how that's possible?! I feel like I say that every month but really! Time is flying!! After a few month of crazy, I'm finally settling into a new routine at home as a post-grad. I crave a good routine. And to be honest the last few weeks have had no structure to the days whatsoever. Owning it. 

So this month, I'm resetting. Getting back to the roots. Doing it for me. Focusing on what matters most. Ever feel like you need a new month as a fresh start to just dive back into something? June is going to be that for me. It's going to be a hectic month with nannying but I hope and pray I get back to the girl I "lost" in the last few months of fun.  Post coming soon of recent happenings! 

Next week I start nannying full time. Which will be fabulous and so much fun but very hectic. These kids are ACTIVE! Don't let it fool you because I love it. I mat also be bias because they're family- but it's the best job. #familytimeallthetime. 

So let's get on to June's goals... 

Reset. Refresh. Rejuvenate. 

1) Start a bible study (hoping to do THIS one!)
2) Clean out closet/organize
3) Read (at least) 2 books
4) Drink Shake + water daily. Exercise 3-5x/week + eat clean
5) Beach trip at least once 
6) Try bulletproof coffee
7) Save.Save.Save.
8) Spontaneous "trips" + focusing on who at what matter most 
9) Dive into Lara Casey's PowerSheets (again!)

What are your goals to accomplish this month? Let's share and hold each other accountable to making things happen this month. Xoxo

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