Thursday, April 30, 2015

Owning It | Part Two

Hi Friends! Happy Thursday!! One day closer to the weekend. Woohoo! If you've been around the blog for some time, you might remember my post on owning it. Today I'm back for part two! A few weeks ago Christina mentioned she was putting a linkup together, so I'm joining in on the fun! 

Let's get to claiming the crazy! Some are serious, others are not :) 

-Texting and driving is my biggest pet peeve.

-Confession: Sometimes I speak in that even a thing?! I have no idea. Regardless, I find it funny and my friends are probably sick of it- owning it right?! 

-I wish I liked to read. Two books a year is my jam. And even then, that might be pushing it.

-Two questions I avoided at all costs this semester included: "how many days until graduation?" and "what are your plans for after?"

-Some days I'm so black and white ad other days there is too much gray area/indecisiveness. Always room for improvement.

-(Ann Taylor) Loft is my home away from home. If I worked there I'd never bring home a paycheck! 

-I wish I was more of a planner- as in my day-to-day, week-to-week. But sign me up for a vacation 6 months ahead and I'm game. 

-Trista and Ryan are still my favorite Bachelorette couple. I've been known to youtube their season to watch past episodes (obsessed much?). Their wedding was beautiful (and completely over the top but I loved every.single.bit of it. The VCR recording might even still be in our house somewhere. Yikes. I told you I was you believe me now? :) 

-I have an ongoing list in the "notes" section on my phone of baby names, although I'm no where close to marriage or babies.

-The emotions that come with graduating change almost by the hour (ok- maybe the day! ha!) ...tell me this is normal...?

-I decided to take a 20 minute break from studying to finish up this post. Instead it turned into almost an hour from catching up on some of my favorite bloggers that I haven't read in weeks. Whoops.

What are you owning today?


  1. Ha, I wish I read more too! I love loft – I feel like I’m in there like once a week! Whenever I take a small break it turns into a long break. Always. I just sat down last night for a quick snack and 20 minutes of TV and it turned into the entire episode + more!

  2. I can 100% relate to the Loft problem. My husband always jokes that I should buy stock in the company since I could single-handedly support them lol. And I just talked about that with a friend recently too--I'd never make any money if I worked there!

  3. I have a baby list too shhh! Our little secret. Good luck with the studying!

  4. YES to the baby list! I do have a sweet little boy, but I still have a list ready for when we have another little tot! :)


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