Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April | Goals

March was very good to to me in so many areas! If you saw THIS post, you can find out more! I set a few goals but didn't post them because life happened #bloggerfail. New month = fresh start! Until I realized we're two weeks into the month and I never hit the publish button.... yup... owning it! Anywho, 2 weeks to make a lot happen! 

With my final two weeks in State College creeping up, its definitely bittersweet. Trying to make the most of it all with the people I love most. I cannot believe where the time has gone!  One of April's major goals is to live in the moment! 

On to go April's goals...

1) Finish Cold Tangerines
2) Keep fresh flowers around the apartment 
3) Start and finish T25 Alpha, drink 96 oz of H2O daily, continue clean eating 
4) Purchase cap & gown 
5) Enjoy my final month as an undergrad *tear* live in the moment, cherish every second! 

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  1. I had a goal to keep fresh flowers around too! Unfortunately, I was defeated by laziness and ended up buying some pretty (and very fake) peonies from Michaels. You really can't beat fresh flowers though.

    T25 is great - I used it to help whip my butt back into shape after my daughter was born. I'm a big fan of Shaun T workouts. I've found them to deliver the best results.

    Enjoy your last month of school. Time flies by way too quickly! (And an early congrats as well!)


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