Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January Favorites

Today I'm linking up with Mia and Kelli to share my favorites from January! 

Long sleeve t's || Wearing long sleeve t's in the winter is probably one of my favorite things! They're sooo snuggly + comfortable, especially the life is good t's! Coming home from class/work/casually wearing them on the weekend is the best!!

Tory Burch perfume || I asked for this for Christmas + I love the scent so much it's become my everyday perfume. whoops ;) 

PB Sticky Socks || Obsessed over these socks. I can't even tell you how much I love them! Not only are they great for PB, but I often find myself wearing them casually around the house--which is probably a big "no no"! These socks are honestly the comfiest (is that even a word??) I've ever worn. If I was a serious PB'er would own them in every color. Note to State College: OPEN A PURE BARRE STUDIO!!!! Is it obvious how much I love these socks?! I digress haha! 

Candles || Need I say more?! Mistletoe was my go-to scent this holiday season 

North Face Gloves + Ear Warmer || With this -2* weather & piles of snow we've had in the past week, I am so thankful for this set! They were Christmas presents and they have been a lifesaver + saves me from getting frostbite! Oh, and the gloves are the best texting gloves I've ever owned! Thanks, Momma! 

PowerSheets + Simplified Planner || How did I ever live without these tools?!?! Emily + Lara poured their hearts into these products and they are awesome! They have helped me more in a month than I knew was possible! 

VS sleepshirt || Talk about soft?! Heavenly! 


  1. Great picks! Those socks look super comfy! (I've been using my "spa socks" a lot lately because they're so cozy and warm)!

  2. I love the socks too!! I needed to get some more and when I was at TJ Maxx the other day they had some Gaiam yoga sticky socks that I picked up because they look the same and were so cheap. I'll be testing them out tomorrow at PB, see how they compare :) Thanks for joining us.

  3. Stopping by from the link up to check out your fabulous faves! I adore that planner! Thanks for sharing, Kate! ;)

  4. I've never heard of Emily Ley but I just looked at her website and I'm obsessed!!! The Simplified Planner looks AMAZING!!! Thanks for linking up Kate!

  5. Love love love my Simplified Planner! And is it bad I still haven't used my Power Sheets?! They're only six months, and I really wanted to be able to use them from May through the fall!


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