Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I know I've been pretty absent from the blog this month. But it got me thinking, not one of my posts used the words thankful or grateful. Even when life is chaotic and seems like nothing is going right, there's always something to be thankful for. I tend to be the pessimist and I'm not proud of that by any means. When things are going well I'm the happiest and when life is hard I'm the downer and have a hard time finding the simplest blessings. Then I write down a list of the things I'm thankful for and my entire mood shifts. In honor of Thanksgiving, I'm making my list. God has blessed my life immensely and what more perfect of a day to honor His blessings in my life. Some of these are obvious and some not obvious. xo 

+ my family and friends who continue to encourage and support me 

+ a home, warm bed, clothes on my back, hot showers, and food on the table 

+ His overwhelming grace 

+ dvr 

+ laughter and sunshine

+ wine (duh.)

+ faith, hope, and love 

+ my camera to be able to capture memories that will last a lifetime 

+ heated seats in my car on cold mornings

+ the grace and strength to get through tough times, like this semester and grad school apps 

+ baby snuggles and giggles 
+ The Bachelor...not that I'm counting down to January or anything ;) 

+ and that Gilmore Girls is now on netflix 

+ coffee dates 

+ the ability to travel

+ manicures

+ fresh cut flowers 
+ having a job- let alone two

+ peanut butter, spaghetti squash, and chocolate- but definitely not all together. ew. just ew. 

+ pinterest 

+ our first snow of the season yesterday! 

+ not having to set an alarm tomorrow 
+ my education 

+ the candle that is burning currently and the christmas music quietly playing in the background 

+ thanksgiving break

+ elastic waist pants...because of course that will definitely be part of my outfit today ;)

I'm thanking God yet again for blessing me with more than I ever deserve. Simply letting my mind wander, thinking of all things I am thankful for. I know I'm missing many but that can be saved for another day :) Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Hope you have a wonderful time spent with loved ones! 

What are you thankful for this year?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things || Stocking Stuffers

Today marks the second week of my most favorite holiday link up, These Are A Few of My Favorite Things! Stocking stuffers!! I mean come on, who doesn't love finding cute goodies to stick in stockings!? Or I suppose some of these items could also be gifted to a family member or friend too! :) 

Stocking might be one of my favorite parts of christmas morning! Probably because my stocking is usually filled with some of my favorite things (jewelry, gift cards, nail polish, lip gloss, etc.) Linking up with Elise + April today to share my some fun recommendations for us ladies! 

camera strap | apple camera connector  | kate spade earrings | perfume | moisturizer 
stress relievercandle | wine chiller | luggage tag | book [cold tangerines] 
 hair tiessocks | starbucks | lilly tumbler | eos lip balm 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things || Christmas List

Dear Santa,
I've been good all year long...really it's true! I promise! 

I'm so excited that my all time favorite holiday link up series is back!! {Thanks to Elise, Katie, April, and Zelle for hosting!!} This week we're talking about our christmas lists! Wahoo! Usually I'm not one to have much on my Christmas list so I don't know what happened this year. But woah. And I also think it's a first that I started my running christmas list in August. Hey- when you see something you like and it fits!, it's a must to write it down for future reference! (aka TB flats!) A few "big ticket items" as my family would call it are on the list. A girl can dream, can't she?!

It's only natural that I'm currently listening to a few of my favorite holiday stations on Pandora shuffle while dreaming up the rest of my list. Let's see what I'm hoping Santa puts under the tree to open on December 25th! 

Check out last years' posts! Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3

Dear Santa || Christmas List
clip art via
one | Tory Burch Caroline Ballet flats. I think these, as my first TB flats, would be a perfect addition to my closet! Size 9.5 please :)

two | FitBit. Seems practical to get back into the healthy routine. Any one have one? Love it? Hate it?

three | Tory Burch Perfume. I'm not a perfume girl at all, even though I try to be. Never seems to work out, until I came across the one above in Sephora. Add to christmas list: check! 

four | Jim Shore Wizard of Oz collection. As a little girl, Wizard of Oz was my all-time favorite movies. When I saw Jim Shore brought out this collection I knew I had to have this piece! "There's no place like home!"

five | Lilly Pulitzer Catchall Tray. Need I say more? Classic. 

six | Aquamarine Earrings. Ever since I was gifted an aquamarine necklace this past birthday, I've been trying to find the perfect pair of earrings to compliment the necklace 

seven | Patagonia Fleece Pullover. I'm a sucker for pullovers or anything quarter zip + add cozy factor in and I'm set. Seems like this Patagonia has all of those qualities!

eight | Incredible by VS Sports Bra. Hands down favorite sports bra, ever. 

nine | MK Watch. I'm in desperate need of a new watch and really liked the simplicity of this Michael Kors. Not too much into the glitz and glam. Perfect jewelry staple!

ten | Longchamp Le PliageIn love with this color + the bag. Hydrangea is calling my name ;)

eleven | VS Nightgown. Per family tradition, new pajamas are always sitting under the tree. Switching it up this year and going for the nightgown.  

twelve | VS Leggings. Necessity. 

At least I kept my list to a few stores so Santa isn't running around like a crazy person! Ha! Kidding.  Excited to read what's on everyone's lists!! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday

November has been great so far and it's only the second week!! Guess it's making up for October. No complaints from this girl! I'm hoping the next two weeks don't go too terribly fast, I want to enjoy my time home with family and of course Thanksgiving!! Sharing my five favorites this week + linking up with April | Christina | Natasha | Darci | + Karli

:: ONE ::
Tuesday I had the privilege of touring Hershey Medical Center. Words can't even describe the inspiration I felt that day. To see all of the hard work of so many that has paid off to provide for patients and families with the resources they need was simply amazing. To hear a Four Diamonds family tell their story. To see where research is being done. To listen to some of the staff and to directly see where the donations go was even more inspiring. To see the enthusiasm of the staff. Honestly, the list can go on, and on. It makes my dream of working in a Children's hospital feel like it could be a reality.  
:: TWO ::
I'm definitely a little late to the party on this one, but I made cucumber water this week and my roommate and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! If you've never had it, it's a must try! Makes the water so much sweeter, purely deeelish! Now I don't have an excuse not to get my water intake in for the day. 
thanks Pinterest for the mason jar idea
:: THREE ::
A girls weekend to NYC is planned and I am soooo excited! Christmastime + NYC = magical!! I can't tell you the last time I was in New York, let alone at Christmas. Super sad. Needless to say, I'm counting down the days! 
:: FOUR ::
While we're on the topic of Christmas(!!!) my all time favorite holiday linkup is back!!!!! Can you tell I'm a little excited?! Whoops. Sorry! But not really! I think my holiday bug gets worse and worse every year! Head over to Elise's blog (or any of the gals for more info!!) Hope you'll be linking up on Tuesday too! 

:: FIVE ::
This Sunday I'm participating in my first Friendsgiving! I've always wanted to have one but wasn't sure if my friends would be willing. And guess what?! I'm so glad I spoke up because they were totally for it! Our guest list is growing and I think we're up to at least 8 (or so) girls! YAY! Did I mention how much I love this time of year!?!

It's the little things in life, Friends! Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, fall-filled weekend! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Samantha || Portraits

This post is soooo long over due!! Back in September, I had the privilege of snapping a few head shots for Samantha. Samantha and I have known each other since before we were born- our father's were in each other's weddings and have been close family friends ever since! Our mom's even dressed us in matching outfits- but that's another post for another day!! And just when I didn't think we could "match" anymore- we both ended up at Penn State together! Samantha is an amazing flute player so it was only natural that we incorporated that too :) We spent the afternoon walking around the Arboretum and had a blast! Luckily a few flowers were still in bloom! I'll chose a few of my favorites but I'll let the pictures to the talking...there's a lot ;) xo

Friday, November 7, 2014

Five On Friday

Whew, Friday. We made it!! Linking up with my Five on Friday ladies!

|| ONE ||
Wednesday afternoon I was lucky enough to sit in on a webinar with Emily Ley and Lara Casey. It was my first time hearing each of them and boy, was it life changing! They're so encouraging. I wish I had a recording of the webinar even though I took many notes!! Excited to start doing what matters most using my simplified planner and (pre-order) my power sheets!! Thank you Lara and Emily for sharing so purposefully and changing the lives of so many women! xo
Newest desktop which you can find HERE

 || TWO || 
Also on Wednesday my back decided it was going to spasm. Fun fun I tell ya. Along with my neck and shoulders being in tremendous pain I decided to make a massage appointment. I figured they were busy was expecting the first available to be some next week...nope. They had an opening that afternoon. God is GOOD y'all!! Just another reminder of His goodness! I think that was the most relaxing hour of my life! 

|| THREE ||
Apparently Wednesday was the most eventful day of my week! Because the CMA's were also on!! Love me some country music! Carrie is super woman. I want to know her secret to looking so fabulous pregnant or not! 
via Rolling Stones online
|| FOUR ||
|| FIVE || 
Relaxing weekend ahead with nothing planned! Wait I forgot to mention all of the school work and grad apps that need to get done. Sigh. Soon it will be over-- then we will celebrate! xo

Thursday, November 6, 2014

November Goals

First full week of November already almost over?! How could that even be? I say it every month but seriously!! Christmas is next month. Two months left in 2014. Woah. I'm not rehashing October's goals because I honestly don't even remember what they were. Moving on to November!

I know how many people love October, but honestly I could skip right to November and be happy. I'm not a halloween person at all. Bring on the family time, the holidays, and the delicious food and I'm a happy camper! I'm ready to be home with family, grabbing coffee with friends, and soaking up each moment of the holidays! 
-Burn more fall candles

-Listen to Christmas music ...too soon? probably. I'm in the total holiday spirt if you couldn't already tell!

-Celebrate & do fun things! 

-Take the x-mas card pictures for the "G" family

-Take Lissy's Senior pictures

- Take the GRE (again)

-Get as much Christmas shopping out of the way as I can

-Grad school: letter of rec. packets submitted, personal statements, GRE, prep supplemental information, transcripts, SUBMIT APPLICATIONS!  

-Make it to Thanksgiving Break, after that it's smooth sailing 

Whew. Busy month ahead-- relating mostly to grad school. It's doable. I think I can...I think I can... :) 

Linking up with Annie and Nat today for another edition of Thoughts for Thursday! 

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