Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Monthly Faves {September}

Happy October 1st!! I feel like I say this at the beginning of every month, but honestly where did September go!? It has been a blur from day one! As always linking up with my favorite gals Mia and Kelli today for my September loves! I didn't realize as I was putting together my list of how weird my favorites were this month haha. They're the most random things! 

september faves
Emergen-C Immune + :: This was a LIFESAVER when I was sick at the beginning of the month! My immune system was shot + I was fighting one of the nastiest head colds I've had in a veryyy long time! Couldn't lift my head off the pillow from Thursday morning until Saturday afternoon!! When I was finally able to get out of bed I went to the store and snagged Emergen-c! Best.Idea.Ever. Even after the first day of taking it I felt so much better! Replaced all of the nutrients I lost! Score! 

B&BW Stress Relief Lotion :: Love love love! Can't say enough good things about this product! Mixture of soothing scents is perfect! {Recommend for gift baskets!!} 

Essie Adore-a-ball :: Mia actually introduced me into this color and I could not love it more!!! Thanks girl :) 
Incredible by VS Sport Bra :: Bought this bra on a whim- totally unlike me!! I tried on two different sports bras and went with the one above. Best sports bra I've ever worn. And I've gone through quite a few different brands! Only con: pricey!

Noise maker :: Never slept with a noise maker until my new roommie moved in. The first night she told me about it I was hesitant that I wouldn't be able to I can't sleep without it!!! HA! Blocks every sound which is perfect especially when the college parties are going on Thursday nights and you have exams the next day. Woof. You bet when I get my own apartment I'll be buying this one! 

PB Cosmetic Case :: Hunt for small "on the go" cosmetic case = done! Thanks to Pottery Barn :) I saw the one above on a slight sale and new I had to snag it before they sold out! I'm excited to use it for travel/overnight when I only need a few things instead of dragging my bulky Vera Bradley one around! Plus it was way cheaper than Vera

Bubba Water Jug :: I have a slight water bottle obsession. Okay a huge water bottle obsession. But like at this point, what's one more?! If it helps me get in my water intake for the day, I'll do whatever it takes :) 
What else happened in September you may ask? Let's see...

:: scheduled classes for my last semester *tears* 

:: my bff came to visit

:: ordered Emily Ley's 2015 Simplified Planner...sad I have to wait 3 months to use it!

:: farmers market flowers make my heart smile {and nightstand much brighter}

::Sat in Beaver Stadium and fell in love with my school even more- if that's even possible!

::I participated in Bailey's Blogtember Challenge and wrote about a variety of topics: savoring your seasonfavorite reads, going on a coffee date, and so much more!  

:: pumpkin coffee from DD is back, need I say more?
What was your favorite item or memory from September?
What are you most looking forward to in October?
Linking up with Leslie too! 


  1. Love that lotion and I recently picked up one of the Victoria's Secret sports bra's as well and I absolutely love it! Happy October :-)

  2. I absolutely adore the Stress Relief lotion! The body scrub is also amazing, you should check that out. Great post!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  3. I'm so glad you're loving that polish! Girl, I drink Emergen-C every single day with some other vitamins too. Swear by it!

  4. I love Emergen-C too :) I haven't tried that flavor but I will someday! Thanks for linking up, Kate!!

  5. I really want to get one of those VS sports bras, I just with they weren't so pricey! I am so looking forward to October, it's always such an amazing month!

  6. I love my Bubba mugs too! Gotta get that water in! I want to try that stress relief lotion! It sounds nice!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins


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