Thursday, October 16, 2014

If We Were On A Coffee Date | No. 2

I wasn't expecting to take a blogging hiatus, but it happened. And I can honestly say I didn't miss coming up with posts. Life has been crazy. The last two weeks have been an absolute blur. Normally I'd feel guilty about taking a break but I don't. Blogging was becoming a chore and I didn't want that. I want to come to this space excited and ready to write. And after all, what would be the point of writing a lackluster to post only to waste your time time and mine? 

If We Were On a Coffee Date this morning I'd give you a peek as to what's been going on in these last few weeks...

+If we were on a coffee date I'd bust out to tell you that I'm going home (again) this weekend. It couldn't be more perfect timing. 

+If we were on a coffee date I'd tell you that one of my my favorite bloggers, Elise announced her pregnancy earlier this week and I could not be more excited for her and her hubby Mark!! She's the sweetest. I'd then probably ramble on why I love her blog so much. If you haven't read her blog, go do it! And be sure to tell her that I sent you her way :) 

+If we were on a coffee date I'd tell that it's been a year to the day that my Grandpa passed away. It's just weird and feels like an eternity since I've seen him. Then I'd probably get a lump in my throat thinking of all the memories. I'd quickly ask what's going on in your world just to change the topic. 

+If we were on a coffee date I'd tell you that I'm having a really hard season. I can't even explain what's going on. A MAJOR funk that I can't get out of. Maybe even shed a few tears. But don't worry- I won't get too emotional on ya. Save that for another time and place!

+If we were on a coffee date I'd tell you that Jason Aldean's new cd is on repeat and I can't stop listening. One of the best things getting me through the week. Oh and my B+BW fall candle. That too has been a God send. Makes my apartment smell good too! Double win! :) 

+If we were on a coffee date I'd tell you that I have the holiday decorating bug already. I understand I should be decorating for Halloween but if you know something about me, I hate Halloween. I'll pass on the haunted houses and everything scary. Bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas!! 

+If we were on a coffee date I'd tell you that I need "Kate Time" to feel rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated. To go somewhere or be with people who can get me back to my happy place. 

+If we were on a coffee date I'd tell you that last weekend I took the GRE's and they in the worst way possible. Thinking about them and grad school scares me to no end. What if I don't get in? What's my back-up plan?  ...the list of questions goes on and on

+If we were on a coffee date I'd tell you I can't wait to have my own apartment because living with a constantly sloppy roommate doesn't make this clean freak happy at all. Or maybe it's secretly so I can finally decorate how I want...duh! 

+If we were on a coffee date I'd promise to you that I really do have a wonderful, blessed life. I'm not always a "Debbie Downer" even though by the looks of this post it sure seems like I am. It is a wonderful life. This season is helping me grow- thankful for that. #owningit

+If we were on a coffee date I'd look at my watch and be surprise how quickly two hours had passed! And then tell you how much I appreciate you- over and over. I'd thank you for listening to me while I poured my heart out in the tiny corner of our local coffee shop
If we were on a coffee date what would you share?

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  1. I love the idea of this post...what a fun way to do updates. I've done the non-scheduled hiatuses too...sometimes you just need a mental breather!
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  2. Hey, if you need a break from blogging, take it! This space should be a fun place, not another "chore" you have to do. Lately I've been taking mini breaks because of stuff going on and it's just what I've needed.
    I hope you're able to get out of your funk soon--do stuff for you! Massage, mani/pedi! The little things :)

  3. Oh sweet Kate. I feel like you've put so much of my own heart's words to pen. I'm feeling similar emotions regarding similar things...not to mention it will be 2 years ago on the 24th thst my grandpa passed away. I miss him.i miss my family and I miss not feeling rushed or pushed. This is just a season...I have to remind myself of that a lot here lately. I'm here for ya :)

  4. Awww, this is my first time reading but I want to give you a big hug! I hope this season passes and you have lots of smiles in store. The GRE's are overly stressful and I am sure you did much better than you suspect! Hope you have a wonderful day! xo


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