Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday

I think this week won the yuckiest weather of the year award. It was a miracle if I saw the sun more than once this week!! Cheers to Friday! Linking up with Karli and my Five on Friday ladies: Christina, April, Darci, and Natasha

I need recommendations for a new blender. I had an on the go blender for compact reasons and tonight as I was making my shake I noticed a bent blade and long story short, the other half broke off when I went to bent it back while the other half was somewhere in my shake. Tried to sift out the blade but it was MIA in the shake...Scary! So...I need to find a new blender that can handle ice!! Any/all suggestions are welcomed! 
Gilmore Girls is on Netflix. I think it's safe to say I'm the only girl who has never watched this show! But that's about to change hopefully soon!! I took a quiz to see which character I was most like and got Lorelai-excited to see how true the quiz results are!  Planning on spending the weekend starting the first season :) 
I snagged these cute hand towels at Kohl's last weekend on super sale. Winning! Excited to put them to use! This B+BW candle is also filling my apartment pumpkin goodness!! 
If you read yesterday's post, I'm doing much, much better! The stress and emotions have lifted. Sometimes it's a relief to get the words onto paper. So thank you for your sweet words and encouragement!! I'm also headed home this weekend (yes, again)- yay! Have yet to be in State College for a weekend this month. Also seeing at least one of my best friends every weekend thus far has been a total win. Excited for a much needed (actual) coffee date this weekend :) 

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  1. Those little hand towels are too cute & you should get a Ninja!! My roommates & I use ours almost every day- it's amazing and easy cleanup too! xo


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