Friday, October 3, 2014

Five on Friday

Friday! Friday! Friday! 

If waking up on Wednesday and thinking it was Friday has any indication to how long the week felt. Then saying I'm praising the Lord the weekend is here would be an understatement. Jumping for JOY!  And my favorite linkup is back: Five on Friday! Yay! 

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I'm headed HOME this weekend! Actually as we speak! Excited to just be. Relaxing and having a cozy weekend lounging + catching up with family + friends (+ DVR of course!) As my favorite Wizard of Oz character would say...
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I have a hair appointment on Sunday and I honestly can't decide what direction I'm going. Well, all I know is I want to go darker...more fall-esque. (Keep reading, I just made that word up.) Below are some pinspirations of the vibe I'm going for. *note to self: when put in a collage, they all look the same...whoops-well you get the point*
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Sunday I spent the afternoon writing notes to sweet friends and attaching a small gift with it! There's something to be said for snail mail that often gets pushed to the back burner these days. As I was writing I realized that we've all been friends since our toddler days (18+ years) and I think this was the first time I've ever written them a handwritten note (besides thank you notes.) Like what?! Insane. Making it a goal to write more snail mail. It's good for the soul, for both the giver and receiver. 
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Friday funnies  
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October is going to be a jam packed month. All of the weekends are booked except for ONE! How is that possible?! Whew, makes me tired just thinking of the excitement! 

October 3rd-5th: HOME!
October 9th-12th: Girls Weekend
October 10th: GRE..........
October 17-19th: free...
October 24th-26th: Ohio State game
October 31st- November 2nd: Halloween!
Linking up with Karli, Christina, Natasha, April, and Darci!!


  1. Have a great weekend home! I went a little darker with my hair last time for fall too and I'm loving it! Good luck!

  2. Have a good time at home--it;s so nice to be "home" and relax :)
    Love the pins that you posted (you and I must have met the same fairy that cursed us as babies haha)
    So sweet of you to send a special something to your friends--there's definitely something to be said for getting a nice card or gift from a friend in the mail!

  3. Yay for going home because there really is no place like no! And also yay for darker fall hair colors! Warm dark hair is just gorgeous in the fall. I'm stopping in from the link up today :)

    Also, I am teaming up with another great blog, for our first-ever Celebrate Southern link up on October 7th. As a Texas blogger, we would love for you to join in on our southern-inspired link up! I hope you can join us!

    J @ A Hot Southern Mess

  4. Oh my gracious!!! What a fun October!!!!!! YAY! Have the best weekend at home, doll face! xx

  5. Snail mail is the best. Can't wait to see your hair! Have a wonderful weekend at home!

  6. cheers to home and snail mail!! Love the darker locks and the mean girls funnies! haha I'll have to steal that one! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  7. I love to send snail mail! Yay for going old school!

  8. I love snail mail!! What a sweet friend!!

  9. Love your snail mail and you're is good for the soul! I need to write more of it! Looks like you have a packed October with lots of fun events!! Good luck on the GRE! Go girl!

  10. Nothing better than snail mail! And I can't wait to see your new hair! Love the Pinspirations :) Hope you had a great weekend at home!


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