Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Decisions, Decisions: iPhone 6 cases

Hi!! Glad to be back after another unintentional blogging hiatus! Last week, during the week from hell, I dropped my iPhone on our apartment carpet and when I picked it up, there was a nice crack right down the diagonal of the screen. As I picked it up because I had a feeling that with the way the week was going, I'd have a freshly cracked screen. And that's exactly what I saw. I actually laughed a) because God was teaching me to not sweat the small stuff that week and b) it shattered on the carpet, not the concrete that I've dropped it on numerous times, but the darn carpet. I decided to get through the week and deal with it during Thanksgiving break. Fast forward to  this past Sunday. Perusing HomeGoods and in less than .5 seconds my phone slipped out of my hands, onto the floor. Yep, shattered again. Luckily, Verizon was right across the street so I marched right over. 

I'm due for an upgrade anyway so I decided to get the iPhone 6. Upgrading from the old school 4s to the 6 is going to be so exciting! But the dilemma is: finding a new case. I love my Lilly Pulitzer one and will be so sad when I have to retire it. I have yet to see any Lilly cases for the 6! What the heck. Womp. Oh, and I forgot to mention the phone isn't shipping until November 21st. Double Womp

Here are my top choices (until more options come out):

Otterbox ...since I'm terrified for a cracked screen again... or until 6 months and I feel bold enough to switch to a less protective case... haha!
Incipio ...I've never used this case but have seen them around lately

and of course Lilly Pulitzer (Kate Spade, or Tory Burch)...if they make the iPhone 6 case? I'm thinking it's too early since the phone just came out! 

What case do you recommend? 

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