Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August Faves

September already?! Feels like just yesterday that I was writing down my July Faves! August was a hectic month with vacations and heading back to school. As I was sitting here writing what I loved in August I honestly started to draw a blank. Total un-blogger of me. But it happens- grace not perfection. Speaking of that, Emily Ley's 2015 SP go on sale today! Eek! Back to the point of this post... 

Thanks Mia and Kelli for hosting one of my favorite linkups!! Here's what I loved in August:
august faves
Poppyseed dressing: yum. yum. yum. Fun fact: I am not a fan of salad dressing. I highly dislike it. Ok-Cesar or Ranch will work on occasion. But once I found this poppyseed dressing, the other two don't stand a chance!! Poppyseed over both of them any day! 

Clinique Chubby Stick in Heaping Hazelnut + Whole Lotta Honey: My tried and true. I'm not one for flashy lipstick and this gives me the slight pop of pinky tones to lighten my lips and face. Depending on the season I usually alternate the two- Heaping Hazelnut is light for spring + summer while Whole Lotta Honey is darker {HELLO FALL!!} And they keeps my lips moisturized too...bonus!! They're getting low- better replace them before they run out! 

Seagate Backup Plus Slim: After a few close calls my with macbook it was time to buy an external hard drive. This trusty little device has my whole life stored on it- pretty neat. Definitely thankful for backups! 

Studio Gear bronzer: I love being tan + adding my bronzer extends the summer for just a tad longer ;)  Looking for a new bronzer-- if you have suggestions, send them my way!? Please + thank you!! 

Decision Point: I purchased the workbook (a few months ago- guilty) and have been slowly digging into the program. I.LOVE.IT. Each of the questions and lessons are so relevant and all ages can relate. 

Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda: August I really started thinking intentionally about blogging. I wanted to create a calendar + become more organized with posts etc. So I purchased the Lilly agenda and it has been perfect + just what I wanted! Hopefully over the next few months I will stick with the blogging calendar/schedule instead of winging it the night before!! 

Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum: I'm definitely not one to promote, but this is a perfect in a rum and coke. I'm also a huuge fan of Kenny Chesney. Old Blue Chair is one of my most favorite albums. The songs instantly calm me and make me feel as if I were on the coast with my toes in the water. I found this coconut rum on vacation {how fitting} + thought the bottle was pretty neat. Thought it was worth a try! Consensus: It's a win! 

San Pellegrino: Nice change up from water + not as bad as soda. I'd call that a win!

J.Crew Critter Flip Flops {similar}: Summer staple. Can't go wrong with J.Crew or their flip flops. Adding a few more pairs to my collection next summer!

{Other FUN moments}

// Moved into my senior year apartment with my new roommie

//I began re-organizing my Pinterest boards! Man is that time consuming! {101 in 1001 goal}

//Soaked in beach time on our family vacation 

//Dinner dates + shopping trips with best friends...even involving a purchase from Kate Spade!! :) 

//Finished up my summer nannying job with the best kids 

//Celebrated with my favorite girls at our Mother/Daughter send-off dinner 

...As you can see my brain must have recovered while brainstorming because my list became quite...long! ;)

What was your favorite item or thing in August? 
What are you most looking forward to in September?
Linking up with Melissa too!


  1. It sounds like you had a great and busy month of August! I love san pellegrino too-- they're so good & refreshing! I have a redish chubby stick that I love, so getting one of the more fall themed colors sounds like a great idea!

  2. I love those San Pelligrinos they're so refreshing!

  3. Love me some San Pelligrino! And that agenda is so pretty! I love pretty notebooks!

  4. I will have to try that dressing out! I love the San Pelligrinos too :)

  5. Mmmm I love me some coconut rum! Especially in the summer with Dr. Pepper! :) And that Poppyseed dressing is the best. I used to use it with a broccoli slaw and it was amazing! Thanks for linking up Kate! I always love reading your favorites!!

  6. I have seen those Clinique chubby sticks everywhere lately! I love lip stains so I really need to try it out. :)

  7. that dressing is my FAVE. seriously love it and keep some extras in the cabinet at all times

  8. I hate salad dressing for the most part, so I'm eager to try poppy seed- is it thick like ranch?? I'm kinda into the lighter "texture." (If that's what you want to call it? haha I know I'm weird!)

  9. Love these!!! I have the seagate external hard drive and it's easy and makes me feel SO much better!!! Lovin' your blog!


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