Monday, August 4, 2014


Can I replay this weekend over and over and over? It was one of the best in such a long time- guess it makes up for the others :) Perfect combination of relaxing + getting to see best friends. 

Friday night was spend laying on the couch- not exciting but much needed!

Saturday was spent cleaning out and reorganizing my closet. Prior to, I was dreading the whole process but once I got into the groove of it, it became exciting. Still missing half of my shoes and handbags though (school transition-yuck)!! Closet is definitely no where near how I would like it organized, but for the time being/before going back to school- it works. How do y'all store your bags? If you have any suggestions, send them my way! 

After cleaning + organizing, I met up with my bff for dinner + it was PERFECT! So relaxing + fun! We went to Pag's Pub and had a killer pizza! One of the best I'd ever had! Great night to catch up since it was about the second or third time we had seen each other all summer!! 

Sunday the girls and I made a special trip to King of Prussia mall! Even though it's not a far drive we don't go very often. It was a treat...and we sure did treat ourselves to a few nice purchases ;)

Proud new owners of Kate Spade bags!! Our first KSNY- but definitely not our last ;) {I'm biased but I think this is one of my new favorite pictures. Just so FUN!! + a great memory!}
And side note: I surpassed my posts already than I did all of last year- we're making progress people! 


  1. i really need to organise my closet, it is so crazy right now. i have no idea about the bags, i dont have many and normally i just shove them on a shelf but i'm thinking i might get a box or something.. we'll see! i love your shoe storage, i definitely need something like that.

  2. You got the bag, YAY!! Love it :) I store my bags on the shelf along the top of my closet, I'm not sure what I'd do with them if I didn't have that haha. This does look like a perfect weekend, I love lazy Friday nights!


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