Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thoughts For Thursday: About Me

I've seen re-introductions floating around on Blogland so I thought today would be perfect to re-introduce myself! (Thanks Caitlin & Natalie for the idea!) One of my favorite parts about blogging is finding and learning about women in this wonderful community! It's also fun to learn fun facts because you never know what could spark a conversation! If you're new or found me through the link-up, welcome! I'm so happy you're here! 

Kate, 21, Philadelphia suburbs. Would love to move south for grad school though! 
Currently a student (senior at Penn State...still wondering where the time has gone!) studying Communication Science and Disorders. During the school year I've been working at a daycare and when home on breaks I nanny and work at Coach

Aside from my parents, It's me, myself, and I. Only child status- whomp. 

Photography, the beach, shopping, blogging, fishing, traveling

What you'll find on this blog:
A little bit of everything! From weekend recaps to recipes and what I'm currently loving! 

My Favorite Things:

My Best Friends Wedding, Parent Trap, Princess Diaries, The Blind Side, Christmas Vacation, The Proposal (and a million others- rom coms of course!!)

Something Borrowed, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...and I'm sure half of the books on my nightstand that I haven't gotten to yet.....
Country, oldies + most of the new songs on the radio. If it catches my attention and I like it, I'll listen to it but country is my #1 jam 

Pinterest, candles, flowers, weddings, Kate Spade, German Shorthaired Pointers and Labs, 

Pink and Navy; or any shades of pink and blue 

Canon Rebel T1i, planner, phone 

Standard Coffee Order:
Dunkin Donuts: Iced Coffee w/ cream + sugar 
Starbucks: Hot Chocolate or Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher. Depends on my mood

Standard Bar Order:
Rum + Coke, Baybreeze or a glass of Pinot Grigio. If I'm drinking beer- Blue Moon

Favorite Food:
Eggplant Parmesan 

Favorite Places to Shop:
Loft, Gap, Old Navy, Nordstrom, J. Crew 

Bedtime and Wake up Time:
Now that school back in session, bed time usually depends. During the week I like to be in bed by 11 and wake up around 7

Celebrity Crush:
Two opposite ends of the spectrum but...Tim McGraw or Zac Efron
How did I start blogging?
I've always been a journaler (is that even a word??) and jot my thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc. I have been following photography blogs for quite some time. I had also been reading other blogs and one day I just decided to give it a try! In the beginning I honestly had NO idea what to write about (and really still don't!) But this little blog has come far in the past year or so, and still has a long way to go! I'm so glad I started! It's so fun and love the community + women I've connected with! 

Why do I blog?
As a fun way to document + look back on life in college (for now). Once I graduate in May I hope to continue blogging although I'm not sure how exciting my life will be post grad ;) 

Anything else you want to know about me?! Feel free to ask or email me! 
Linking up with Annie and Natalie today!


  1. The beach is my hobby too ;) I also love The Parent Trap & The Proposal and country music is one of my favorite things in life.

  2. loving rom coms as well.. such a cute blog post.

    <3 Sarita

  3. Love your blog design! Just stopping in from the link up!

  4. We have ALL the same favorite movies! So many good ones!! I could watch Parent Trap every single day :) Loved learning more about you! Good luck with your senior year!

  5. Pinterest addicts unite... seriously :) Its the best invention ever!!!!

  6. So.. we are basically the same person just separated by a few states! Kentucky would welcome you with open arms for grad school :)


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