Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Monthly Faves {July}

July was definitely a good month! In some respects it seemed quick but looking back at pictures and everything it seemed I accomplished so much! Coming up with my favorites was slightly difficult this month- there were just so many things to include. And many I'm forgetting! (that's what I get for writing the post the night before- keeping it real!) Happy to be linking up again with Mia and Kelli for another edition of Monthly Faves!! 
july faves
ONE: Neutrogena Wet Skin- with nannying and being in the sun almost everyday, this has been my favorite sunscreen. Having sensitive skin makes it hard to find sunscreen that doesn't irritate. I've had absolutely no problems using this- I'll consider it a win!! 

TWO: I have every intention of doing an update on my favorite hair products soon- but for now, here's a sneak peek! Oribe Maximista Spray is one of those new faves. After going to a new salon my hairdresser recommended this volumizing spray for my thin hair....amazing!! My hair hasn't felt this healthy in years! 

THREE: Being totally honest- when my momma brought these Enjoy Life choco chunks home I was slightly unsure. I mean how can they be  dairy, nut + soy free and still actually taste good. Boy was I wrong!! They taste just like chocolate chips! Definitely recommend these chunks if you have allergies!! 

FOUR: Cute + polarized sunglasses- Ralph Lauren has you covered! Now that I have a pair of polarized sunglasses, I'm never going back!! It was definitely worth the investment and make a TOTAL difference when driving- for the better!

FIVE: If you've been around my blog long enough (well, this month) you'll know I purchased a new lens. To say that I'm in love is a slight understatement! Each day I'm learning new things about the lens which is super exciting!! 

SIX: I was on the hunt for a new beach bag- my poor Vera Bradley was falling apart + was so hard to get the sand out. I came across this L.L. Bean Beach bag and am honestly in love with it!! I decided to go with the large size which was perfect! It's so easy to clean too from the nylon fabric- no more issues with sand!! :)

SEVEN: Frozen grapes!! So delicious + the perfect snack! Need I say more!?

Hop on over to link up with Mia and Kelli! What did you LOVE this month?!


  1. My husband and I are in the market for a new lens, too! There are just so many options. We have a lot of research to do!
    I've also been looking for some polarized sunglasses, but I can't find a style that doesn't sit on my cheeks (darn my high cheek bones!). I love yours!

  2. I've had the Enjoy Life chips and they are so good, I was surprised too! Love those sunglasses, need that lens and I really need to try out some frozen grapes ;) Happy Wed dear!

  3. Oribe products are the best!! I love their dry texturizing spray. Definitely going to throw some grapes in the freezer, that sounds so refreshing!

  4. Oh a new lens! Fun! Love frozen grapes too, but I haven't had them in forever. I kind of forgot about them, so thanks for the reminder!

  5. I have been meaning to try frozen grapes for so long. That's it. Next grocery store run I'm picking some up and sticking them right in the freezer! I'm also a huge fan of the ralph lauren glasses! I bought my first pair of them just after college graduation (they lasted a good 5 years with heavy wear and nannying)! I just bought my second pair last summer and I'm in love!

  6. My hubby and I put frozen grapes in our white wine sometimes to keep it cold. :)
    I have got to get me a pair of polarized sunglasses. I'm overdue for a new pair anyways, so I will for sure be looking at polarized ones.
    I'm very curious about those chocolate chunks....I haven't seen them in my grocery store. Maybe in the health foods/organic section?
    And yay for new lenses! I am in desperate need of some new camera equipment.

  7. So good to know about the Enjoy Life chips! They were in a recipe I was making (supposed to be gluten and dairy free) and I didn't trust it so I used normal chocolate chips. I need to try them for sure. Very cute beach bag and I SO make frozen grapes for a snack/dessert often. Glad to hear you do too! Thanks for linking up Kate! Loved your list!

  8. On the hunt for a good sunscreen for my pool days this month - will give that one a try! And yes to frozen grapes - my fave!

  9. I love frozen grapes! Only the green ones though - not a huge purple grape fan for some reason. I've been thinking about getting a camera instead of relying on my iPhone for every photo. Any recommendations? Ignore how late this comment is :)


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