Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Day In the Life {Summertime Nanny edition}

Today is my last day nannying for my favorite kiddos this summer. Bittersweet for sure. These kids are my cousins. So the bond is quite special and thicker than most other kids I've babysat. Spending countless hours a week with them for almost 12 weeks makes saying "goodbye" even more upsetting. Well it's not really goodbye forever because they're family- but you get the point. 

We've had so much fun this summer and too many laughs to count. Getting back into the school grind is really not my idea of fun. Am I right?!

So this is how most of my days went:

7:00am- Wakeup
7:15am- Get out of bed after my alarm blaring
7:20am- Get dressed + ready for the day
7:45am- Stopping at Dunkin for my iced coffee 
8:30-4(ish)pm- We did a variety of activities
...most mornings it was tennis + swim practice 
....some days it was hanging out at the pool 
Drinking Arnold Palmer's by the pool + this even real life?! #LifeOfASummertimeNanny
...and some days we had fun days at home
....other days it was doing junior golf in the morning- my favorite and new sport I'm taking up ;) 
...and there were a few special days when I was in the middle of running around doing dropoffs/pickups up from camp I was able to spend some time seeing these beauties!
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