Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekending...a day late

Tuesday already?! Man these days are flying by! I've been finding that the busier the weekend, the harder it is to remember to take pictures. I'm slowly learning that enjoying the moment is far better than snapping the picture. Anywho...on to what happened this weekend! 

Friday- Babysat + watched The Parent Trap with my 7 year old cousin aka my "mini me" It was her first time watching and she loved it! A girl after my own heart!

Saturday- Babysat...again. This time it was three precious little girls; cousins on my Dad's side. Of course I brought my new lens and tested it on these beauties. We also snuggled, watched movies + played outside. Saturday night I met up with a few friends. Being able to relax and socialize was exactly what I needed.  

Sunday- Babysat again...HA just kidding! I started Decision Point and had some quiet time in the morning before church. From the first few chapters I already love the program! The questions are easily relatable. I'm excited to see what the rest of the program has in store! Saturday afternoon I laid by a friends pool. Pure relaxation + sunshine + too many laughs to count...it was PERFECT!!! Why can't every weekend be like that?! 

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  1. Hey, nothing wrong with being a day late ;) Such lil cuties, love the pics!


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