Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Goals

How is the first week of June almost over!? I feel like I say this at the beginning of every month, but honestly May FLEW by!!! It's been a few months since I've made goals and so I thought it would be important to make a few attainable ones!

Be intentional with more "me" time- focusing on my Faith/possible Bible study and journaling

Exercise 5 days a week + Clean Eating- need to get back on track- there's no other way to say that :) using the "I'm busy" excuse is no longer acceptable

Finish 2/3 summer classes- Tomorrow they will be finished. one. more. day. WOO!

Begin to grow my blog- connecting with more bloggers, possible sponsorships and (hopefully!) increasing my followers 

Update the tabs on my navigation bar!

Schedule posts and keep up with writing!

Read 2 books and start a summer reading list- this could be a bit of a challenge, but we'll try ;)

Use my camera more!! (And possibly purchase a new lens!!?) one of my biggest passions is photography. For my high school graduation project I shadowed 4 different photographers and it was an AMAZING experience. I loved every minute of it. However, as a college student I haven't had the time, which makes me sad because I love it and really, really miss it...So, this month's goal is to take more pictures!!  

Have more "girl time" with my besties- this one's a given and needs no explanation :) 

Try something new/do something different- possibly a new hairstyle and color...any ideas?? :)

At least one beach trip... sand and saltwater is good medicine for this girls soul!

Early to bed, early to rise- so I can be more productive

ENJOY JUNE. Sit and soak it all in. Enjoy the little moments. Sunshine, friends, and family. A few pool days and fruity drinks too :) 

Hold me accountable, y'all!! Happy ALMOST Friday!! 

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