Friday, May 16, 2014

Five on Friday {5.16.14}

HAPPY FRIDAY! Monday feels like ages ago in my book! You know the deal, so let's get right to linking up!!
Wednesday morning I saw that Emily Ley released her new 2015 Simplified Planner covers...eeek! Super cute! I found out about the Simplified Planner right after I purchased my Erin Condren one last year. Looking to try something different next year and it think it's the perfect switch! Do you have the Simplified Planner? Pros? Cons?
Lately I've been obsessing over one of Lilly's newest prints, Ring The Bell Boy! Tulips + catchy name + bright spring-y colors...bam ya sold me! (Lobstah Roll comes a close tie!) If I could have everything in either of these prints we'd have a happy camper on our hands. But for now I'll keep dreaming...

What's your favorite Lilly print? 
Trying my best to find the beauty and blessings in these next three weeks... Prayers would be much appreciated
Which brings me down to my next week down, three to go! These summer classes are killing me! I want summer (and the homesick blues are also getting to me) :)
So, if you should know one thing about me, it's that I am OBSESSED with the Princess Diaries movie- just the first one though, the second I was too grown up aka the awkward middle school phase- had no impact. Needless to say, the first Princess Diaries will forever have a special place in my heart. While browsing facebook one day last week, I saw Meg Cabot is writing a new book....MIA AND MICHAEL ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!! I squealed like a little kid, in case you couldn't tell. I must read the book and I might even cry if they make a movie because Mia and Michael are perfect together :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends!


  1. EEEK!! I really hope they make a Mia & Michael Movie. I just love the princess diaries.

  2. I love the princess diaries, too! & I will definitely say a prayer for you!

    xoxo, A

  3. Have you heard of the whitney english day designer planners? She just released a bunch of new covers too. I have one and it is by far my favorite item I own!


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