Monday, April 8, 2013

That time I went to Pittsburgh

Hi little blog and friends!! 
Last week I traveled to Pittsburgh (for the first time) with a few girls from school! We attended the PSHA convention. (Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association) Man, was I in heaven!! It's like Disney World for Speech Language Pathologists. If you're an SLP, you know what I mean.  Sitting in on seminars and networking with other current and future SLPs was great. It got me even more excited to finish college and get through grad school! 

Pittsburgh was an absolute blast!! I laughed until I cried, tears streaming down my face! Belly laughs like I hadn't had in so long, memories and inside jokes to last a lifetime! I wish I had gotten to know these girls sooner as they are graduating in less than a month! :( But anywho, let's get straight to the pictures!! :) 

Wednesday- Arrived in Pittsburgh, unpacked and hit up The Cheesecake Factory, always a plus!!

Thursday- Attended seminars, took the Monongahela 
Incline {can cross that off my bucket list...terrifying ride up and down!} and walked down South Side!

Good morning, Pittsburgh!

Ready for seminars :) So professional!

View from up and down. Eeek, that's steep! Can ya see why I was so terrified?

You can see Heinz Field in the distance (left corner)

Typical tourist picture ;)

K squared
Girls Night Out!

Friday- Attended seminars and toured more of Pittsburgh! {Next time we will see more of Pitt and Duquesne and hope it doesn't rain!}

 Pittsburgh on a slant ;)

Saturday- Drove home :( kicking and screaming! So sad to see our trip come to an end!! 

Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend! :)

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