Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shamrock Shake: Update

So I completed the Shamrock Shakes 10 day challenge. Woah, was I shocked by the results!!! I'll be the first to admit how hesitant I was to try Shakeology. I asked around A LOT, researched and honestly wasn't even sure if it was the right program for me. But, the most consistent thing I heard when asking around was "no cravings and so much energy" and they were SPOT.ON! Here's a little spotlight on what I found through my beginning journey:

Throughout the 10 days I...
-drank more water than I think I had in my entire life
-CRAVED exercise (that's a first)
-was barely hungry/Shakeology kicked the cravings
-learned how filling the shakes are! My first day I was expecting to  have a shake and fruit or something small- y'all I was so full from the shake (eaten at lunch) I didn't eat anything until around 6pm that night and even then I was still pretty full. INSANE!
-ate clean
-had more energy than I can recall on any weight watcher program I was on
-had an AWESOME accountability group. I think this was one of the best things because (at least for me) it made me want to say on program and focused. Also got many great recipes and clean eating ideas!
-kept a food journal (very accountable too) 
-WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING! Even if you had a few extra chips- we're all human! But it allows you to see it on paper because you don't realize how many things you put in your mouth until it's on paper! 
-I found more strength and discipline in myself that I didn't know I even had!

So, this morning I took measurements and this is what I found out..... :)
10.5 inches!!! (after 10 days!!)
Gone! And never coming back!!!!!
There's another challenge coming up and I'm so excited to be apart of it! Cannot wait to order the DVDs and start the program again! I'll get off of my soap box but it's honestly one of the greatest programs and is SO easy!!! If you're hesitant about Shakeology, have questions, anything, email me or my awesome and supportive coach, Charlotte!!

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