Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday {2.21.14}

I'm lucky enough to be spending this Friday at home! This week was rough, but hey we made it!! 
WE THON TODAY!!!!!!!!!! 46 hours of no sitting, no sleeping!! All FOR THE KIDS, FOR THE CURE! Tune in Sunday afternoon for the LIVE reveal!!

"When cancer is cured, we will dance for joy. Until then, we will dance for life."
Monday night I finally decided to download Trista Sutter's new book. I loved her while she was on The Bachelorette and was interested to read her book. She writes about gratitude and I figured it would be a perfect boost to focus on the blessings during this dreaded winter! I'll do a review once I'm done :)

spring casual
I have been CRAVING Spring weather so bad! This outfit would be my go to- classic and comfy! Hurry up Spring!!! I need more sunshine in my life! 

My 21st birthday is coming up in just a few short weeks! (eeek!) I honestly can not think of anything!! ...Except for wine. What's on your current wishlist!? I need ideas :) 


  1. Ah, your 21st birthday! That's so exciting..I love me some wine. I've been dreaming about spring too, Pinterest has filled my head with wonderful things like shorts and sandals, I just can't wait! I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Yay FTK! I cannot get over the total this year!!

  3. That book sounds something that I need right now. Thanks so much for sharing it, I'm downloading it to my Kindle now :) Happy Monday!


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