Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It's Wednesday. I'm tired. My to-do list is over a mile long, finals are slowly creeping upon me. It's just a down right crazy time in the semester. I'm ready for a break and to be with my sweet family. My mind is constantly racing about everything, I just feel like I'm on a treadmill. I'm overwhelmed. 

So many things I "need" to do or a break from right now. What I REALLY truly need is Jesus. I need to spend time with Him and soak Him in. He knows whats on my heart. 

I saw this on Erin's blog and it's a great constant reminder. 

OK. Sorry for that major rant. I needed to let it out and my blog is supposed to be an outlet, right? 

There are so many things to be thankful for and I should be focusing on them instead of the negatives in my life right now that are completely out of my control!!! 

Here's a sweet little pup to make this Wednesday brighter! :)

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