Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Girly Girl gifts under $100!

Linking up with Elise and Jen of course!! I've had so much fun linking up with these ladies the last few weeks. I'm sad the part-ay is ending!! 

Below are gifts that I'd be more than likely giving to my Besties. We're all such girly girls and I wouldn't want it any other way. If I had unlimited funds I would definitely be spoiling them with these goodies!  :)  
girly girl giftsone and two Kate Spade. enough said. Her sayings crack me up, and those bangles....LOVE. I know it's supposed to be for bridesmaids but, oh well! 

three I always find it convenient to have extra cosmetic bags on hand, ya never know when you're going to need one! I always have one in my purse carrying lipstick, advil, eye drops etc. It comes in super handy!! 

four Rosemary Mint from Aveda is one of my favorite scents. There's something about it that I find so relaxing and refreshing! 

five A few months ago pictures and quotes from The Single Woman were practically blowing up my instagram (krd5170). I wondered what all the fuss was about. I looked into more information and the book sounded really interesting. One Sunday morning, I finally went to Barnes and Noble and purchased this book. I seriously recommend it to ALL the single ladies. It will change your life. This book is amazing and so uplifting when you're down in the dumps. I've only read a few of the chapters but it's given me so much more confidence. Check out Mandy's website too (link posted above!) I've told my girlfriends multiple times, it's a must read....needless to say they'll probably be getting this for christmas from me :) 

six monogram + mason jar....perfection! Super cute and spill proof! Yay!

seven another one of my favorites...a jewelry roll! They're so compact, yet fit so much!! OH and it's Lilly...need I say more!? Necessity in my eyes!

eight J.Crew scarf? Don't have to ask me twice! I'm in love with the color too and it's a perfect pop of color in the dull landscapes of winter! 

I worked ALL weekend so needless to say, I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet and I feel super behind!! Cyber Monday's are going to become my best friend since I probably won't have much time to shop with finals quickly approaching!

Hope y'all are having a lovely Tuesday!!
22 days until Christmas!!!!!!!!


  1. Your entire list is fabulous! LOVE that saying and the mason jar WITH a monogram? Ha YES! :)

  2. i loooove me some aveda products...any and all!...such an easy/awesome go-to gift to remember!
    thanks for liking up with us!!! these past few weeks have been soooo fun! CHEERS! xx

  3. I've been lusting over those Kate Spade bangles! They're so cute and versatile! Great gift idea!

  4. I love your list. I know I'd be darling at it too! :)


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