Thursday, December 12, 2013

Five On Friday

I can't believe it's already Friday!! This week has flown by and in no way am I complaining! Being swamped with school definitely helped the days pass quickly- super thankful for that!

As always I'm linking up with my Five on Friday gals! Lately, my facebook has been FLOODED with videos, most of the time I would just keep scrolling. Until, the sweet face below instantaneously caught my attention. I stopped. Clicked on the link and waited for it to load. Y'all...I was speechless. This video was amazing. I was so moved, I even shared it on my page. There's so much goodness around us, but sad that something unbelievably tragic has to happen in order to see all of the goodness. Thinking of the Sandy Hook families as the one year anniversary approaches. Rest in Peace Sweet Emily. You can watch it HERE!!! It's less than 5 minutes of your time! I recommend it to everyone!!

...two... Mid-week pick me up's from sweet friends can make your days so much brighter! Plus, Reeses? I will never ever turn you down! 

...three... Linking up with {av} for Friday Fancies! This may be my favorite fashion post to date. I was browsing around the internet and found this, SWOON!? So classy! I'm also not usually a navy + black kinda girl but love the combo in this dress. I wish I could a) had the budget to afford this dress and b) had a holiday party to wear it! I think I also found my new FAVORITE perfume. I've always had trouble finding "my" scent and one of my girly girls was spraying it a few days ago and the yummy-ness caught my attention. Bath and Body Works, go treat yourself!! 
sparkle and shine {friday's fancies}

....four.... Done with this class FOREVER!!!!!!! *Que screaming and jumping up and down like a 5 year old* I can't even begin to tell you how stressful this semester was and I am oh so glad it's over! Life of an aspiring Speech Language Pathologist! :)

...five... This will be my motto all of Christmas Break. 3 exams down, 3 more to go + 1 paper. SO. CLOSE. 

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  1. Good luck on the rest of your exams!! Not sure what you are planning to do with your degree, but I always think the Speech teacher looks like they have the best job in school! I wish I had thought about this (or even known that it existed lol) back when I was in college.


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