Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What's on my Christmas List?

When I saw Elise @ Cheers Y'all and Jen @ Down with the Dearmores were hosting a Christmas link up I was so happy! I love Christmas and for some reason I'm loving it so much more this year. I even started listening to various Christmas songs before Halloween....yeah that's a first for me too. 
School's been really stressful so any break I can get is a huge blessing. You better believe I'm already counting down to December 25th!

Below are some things I'm hoping Santa puts under the tree. A girl can dream right?! ;)

Christmas list!
1: bracelets: Kate Spade | I've always loved these Kate Spade bracelets and thought they'd be a nice addition to my wrist!

2: hat: UNC bookstore | I'm in love with UNC and am crossing my fingers and toes that I'll be able to attend Grad School there! Plus, I love my powder blue :)

3: iPad: Apple | Jumping on the iPad bandwagon. I finally realized how helpful it would be for classes and especially my major, SLP. Hoping my parents will agree!! ;)

4: PJ's: Victoria Secret | Every year we always get new PJ's from VS, so I'm hoping this pattern is under the tree!

5: Rain boots: Joules | I've been looking for rain boots for quite some time and recently came across these! How cute are they!?

6: Safety Chain: Pandora | Love my Pandora bracelet but my charms won't stay on my bracelet, so I'm definitely requesting a safety chain to keep 'em all on there!

 7: Longchamp | A Longchamp bag has been on my wish list for quite some time, but wasn't sure what color I wanted. When I saw my cousin has this exact bag, I knew I absolutely needed it in eggplant too! So rich, classy and perfect!!

Let the holiday festivities begin!!!

Happy Tuesday!!
4 days until I'm free and on Thanksgiving Break! 

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  1. Hey beauty!!! First of all...go heels!!! What are you hoping to study there?! Love my alma mater!!!

    And loving those Kate spade bracelets....everything that she does is so lovely!

    Thanks a million for linking up with us today, girlie! We so appreciate it!!!! xx


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