Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend my best friend came to visit. 
We've been counting down since she booked the trip in was a long two months of waiting and counting down let me tell ya! 
It was the first time she's come to visit since we've been away at college and we were both soooo excited!! Friday when ePj arrived it was so surreal. We both kept commenting on how we couldn't believe ePj was finally here and actually having a girls weekend and the weekend that we've talked about for years! Words honestly don't describe how excited and happy we both were!! 

So here's a little recap of our weekend :)

 we walked around downtown, walked around campus, went on a typical Starbucks run for a warm beverage, made dinner, went to the creamery and then went to an A Cappella sampler they were having on campus. It was AWESOME! I love A Capella and all of the groups were unbelievably talented!! 

We got up early for the game, it was ePj's PSU game so we wanted to get there early! Luckily we got in the S-Zone so we got a free tshirt! Yay! PSU killed Purdue so it was a great day in the valley!

my two new favorite pictures!

How I feel after a Girls Weekend.....
 photo tumblr_mr9wgjPmni1rjuwmto1_500_zps649f3652.gif

It was so perfect in every way, the good weekends always seem to go too darn fast!!
Girls weekends are so wonderful for the soul and I'm so thankful for them!

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