Monday, November 25, 2013

Stocking Stuffer ideas for Her

I love love love stocking stuffers. I think they're super cute and there's so many different ideas for everyone, especially us girls! 

Excited to be linking up with Elise and Jen again this week!!!

My family knows me so well that when it comes to stocking stuffers I'm not too worried. However, it would be fun to see some of the goodies below in my stocking!!
(Note: I was excited thinking about this post that I went a little overboard on ideas) 

stocking stuffers for her

one: I found these gloves a few weeks ago online and thought they were super cute. I love ANYTHING pink and/or navy so these are definitely necessary to have!

two: Essie nail polish. LOVE IT. girl staple item and red? You can't go wrong!

three: Coach Poppy perfume. I would have to say it's more of a summer-y scent but it's so girly and fresh smelling

 four: Stationary is my weakness. Add Emily Ley's adorable designs....*swoon*

five: FAVORITE HOLIDAY CANDLE. Period. It reminds me so much of being home during the holidays, a comforting scent. Ironically it's called "Welcome Home" I recommend it to all :)

six: I've never heard of this book until I recently saw multiple people posting about it. I thought it sounded really neat and something fun to look back on later

seven: this is a staple in the girls' stockings! Every year we get this lip gloss from Bath & Body and I love it. It's also smells like peppermint! 'Tis the season!!

eight: How cute is this wristlet? I have a few wristlets and I love them, perfect when on the run or going out! Since working at Coach I have acquired quite a few more wristlets and this one's begging to be added to the collection!! 

nine: I'm a lover of all things quotes and I love the Quotable Cards company. One of my favorite quotes that I can stick on my fridge and have it as a daily reminder or when I'm feeling down

ten: *pending that I get an iPad* First Impressions is one of my most favorite Lilly patterns. I thought it was a little pricey until I realized it came with a bluetooth keyboard. $80 for case and keyboard, now that's a deal!

eleven: Cozy socks are a staple for the holiday/winter season

twelve: LOOOOVE all of my Tervis'. Such a cute holiday design too! Oh and my pumpkin coffee from Dunkin and I'm all set. I realize I'm clashing two holidays...oh well!

thirteen: beach + comfy pillows = sold! 

fourteen: Every year we always have a new ornament on the tree and we have to find it. It's really fun! Hopefully mine is UNC related :)

Happy Tuesday and ALMOST Gobble Gobble Day!


  1. Cozy socks, nail polish, and stationery are some of my favorite things :) Better to have more ideas instead of not enough ;)

  2. K-cups...brilliant! Haven't thought of that one yet! LOVE IT! Love that Chapel Hill ornament!!! We have one similar that says just married (even though Marky isn't a Tar Heel! ;))

    Thanks for linking up with us, girlie!!!!!! xx

  3. Love the stationery! And LOVE the Lilly iPad cover!!

  4. I LOVE stationary, especially monogrammed stationary! :) That cup is really funny-"define Good":) Stopping by from the link up! :)

  5. I LOVE that b&b lip gloss, one of my faves!! Your list is great!! Kcups are a great idea too!!

  6. I've never smelled that candle before!!! Can't wait to check it out!! Thanks for sharing!! Love adding Kcups to a stocking!!!! Fabulous idea!! THANKS for linking up again, girlie!!!

  7. You won me over with Lilly & Stationary haha Thanks for sharing!!

  8. I have the One Line A Day journal and it's awesome! I hope you get it this year :)

  9. Loveee the stationary and the candle! But let's be honest, I'd totally be okay getting anything you posted here!! :)

  10. That dunlin donuts coffee is my favorite! I stock up so it will last me through the end of the year. Have you tried the peppermint mocha? Love all your other picks too!

  11. I love your stocking stuffers. They are my favorite part of christmas so I like to fill them to the brim. I love everything you chose. Haven't tried the coach poppy but will have to give it a spritz now!

  12. Great list! I love the Coach Poppy perfume. I have seen the One Line a Day book recently and love the idea.

  13. What a fun list! That Lilly ipad cover is too cute. :) Stopping by from the linkup.

  14. I love having a different tervis for each holiday! I have that lip gloss from bath and body works haha!

  15. Love your list! Isn't Emily Ley the best?? And how good are Dunkin kcups??


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