Monday, November 25, 2013

Stocking Stuffer ideas for Her

I love love love stocking stuffers. I think they're super cute and there's so many different ideas for everyone, especially us girls! 

Excited to be linking up with Elise and Jen again this week!!!

My family knows me so well that when it comes to stocking stuffers I'm not too worried. However, it would be fun to see some of the goodies below in my stocking!!
(Note: I was excited thinking about this post that I went a little overboard on ideas) 

stocking stuffers for her

one: I found these gloves a few weeks ago online and thought they were super cute. I love ANYTHING pink and/or navy so these are definitely necessary to have!

two: Essie nail polish. LOVE IT. girl staple item and red? You can't go wrong!

three: Coach Poppy perfume. I would have to say it's more of a summer-y scent but it's so girly and fresh smelling

 four: Stationary is my weakness. Add Emily Ley's adorable designs....*swoon*

five: FAVORITE HOLIDAY CANDLE. Period. It reminds me so much of being home during the holidays, a comforting scent. Ironically it's called "Welcome Home" I recommend it to all :)

six: I've never heard of this book until I recently saw multiple people posting about it. I thought it sounded really neat and something fun to look back on later

seven: this is a staple in the girls' stockings! Every year we get this lip gloss from Bath & Body and I love it. It's also smells like peppermint! 'Tis the season!!

eight: How cute is this wristlet? I have a few wristlets and I love them, perfect when on the run or going out! Since working at Coach I have acquired quite a few more wristlets and this one's begging to be added to the collection!! 

nine: I'm a lover of all things quotes and I love the Quotable Cards company. One of my favorite quotes that I can stick on my fridge and have it as a daily reminder or when I'm feeling down

ten: *pending that I get an iPad* First Impressions is one of my most favorite Lilly patterns. I thought it was a little pricey until I realized it came with a bluetooth keyboard. $80 for case and keyboard, now that's a deal!

eleven: Cozy socks are a staple for the holiday/winter season

twelve: LOOOOVE all of my Tervis'. Such a cute holiday design too! Oh and my pumpkin coffee from Dunkin and I'm all set. I realize I'm clashing two holidays...oh well!

thirteen: beach + comfy pillows = sold! 

fourteen: Every year we always have a new ornament on the tree and we have to find it. It's really fun! Hopefully mine is UNC related :)

Happy Tuesday and ALMOST Gobble Gobble Day!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

First off, HAPPY FRIDAY! Another week down! 

Of course I'm linking up with DarciAprilChristina and Natasha!

1.  Cracks me up. Every girl can relate to this!! Definitely a little humor to brighten my morning :)

2. I blogged EVERY. SINGLE. DAY this go me!!!

3. Linking up with {av} for Friday's Fancies! I have to say I've never gone Black Friday shopping. It's never been my thing. This year, I'm actually WORKING...yay me! 6 am I'll be there. However, the outfit below would be definitely be my "go to" outfit for Black Friday shopping. Comfort over style especially after stuffing my face way too much the day before :) And besides this Patagonia pullover I found looks like HEAVEN! May have to ask Santa for that too!
black friday!

4.  Last night my friend, sCm asked if I wanted to go out to dinner. Of course my response was yes! We rarely grab dinner but decided we were going to go all out, dessert and all. We made it to Thanksgiving break and that's a pretty good reason to celebrate. Our choice was the brownie sundae, you can't ever go wrong with chocolate and ice cream! :) Let me tell you it was heaven!! 

5. Currently on my way home to my sweet family for Thanksgiving break. I could not be any more excited. I'm taking three of my very good friends home and it's ALWAYS a good time! Good tunes + great friends....quick drive home (hopefully!)

What are you doing this weekend?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

I honestly don't even know where to begin. I'm thankful for so many things, it sounds too cliche but I really am.
Things are stressful right now. I have no idea where I'm living next year, I need to figure out what I'm doing over the summer, I need to find a job, I need my grades to be higher. La la la. What I really need above all right now is, Jesus. Plain and Simple.  It's so hard not to get caught up with life, I know we're all guilty of it. Sitting with Jesus this morning made all the difference. I woke up feeling so fresh and new.
 A childhood friend called me this morning, stressed and unsure if she should change her major, wondering how she could make her resume better and if learning a second language would even help in her field. We discussed a variety of options and I said, Everything will work out and we will end up exactly where we're supposed to be, doing exactly what we should be doing or teaching. God works in mysterious ways and always keeps His promises. It's the greatest, most fulfilling feeling to know that no matter what, He will provide. I can't even describe how amazing that is.

This morning (afternoon) I'm thankful for:

+ His faithfulness

+ my girlfriends

+ tomorrow is FRIDAY!
+ only 2 classes standing between me and Thanksgiving Break


Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Today's my 50th blog post! Woo I made it to at least 50! Which is an accomplishment because I honestly didn't know how long I'd even keep up with blogging. 6 months later and I'm finally here, slow and steady wins the race? Ha.

I thought it'd be fun to share 50 things about me so my (handful) of followers can get to know me :) It's going to be a long post so bear with me!

one// I was born on a Tuesday, during the Blizzard of 1993

two// I am an only child but have step siblings, nieces and nephews

three// And too many cousins, aunts and uncles to name

four// I can appear very shy to people, but quickly warm up

five// Sunny days are like therapy for me

six// I'm a sucker for a good romantic comedy

seven// Carrie Underwood is gorgeous. I want to be her

eight// Heart-to-hearts with my best friends makes the bad in life disappear

nine// Although my mom and I are sometimes night and day, she is the most important person in my life

ten// I love Penn State way too much
eleven// I've never had a broken bone or a cavity

twelve// Family and friends are top priority in my life

thirteen// Watching sunsets are pure heaven and I sit to watch every chance I get

fourteen// I have grown so much in my Faith within the last year and am continuing to grow more every day

fifteen// So thankful for all of the blogs I've found

sixteen// My favorite number

seventeen// In the last 3 years I've learned how much of a homebody I am

eighteen// Although I want to move to North Carolina for grad school...15 hours in a car. Yeah, we'll see about that!

nineteen// You'll more than likely find country on my radio, occasionally I'll be blasting today's hits 

twenty// My obsession with Chris Young is kinda crazy, he's a country singer if you don't know who he is ;)
twenty-one// How old I will be turning this upcoming birthday, on March 16th

twenty- two// Knowing that I'm graduating college and heading to grad school within the next two years FREAKS ME OUT.....when did I grow up?! (another post for another day)

twenty-three// But, I'm so excited for the adventures it's going to take me on

twenty-four// Friends and the laughter I share with them is the best medicine

twenty-five// Motto: Never stay mad at someone, always reconcile. I learned the hard way. You never know when they won't be here any more, never ever take it for granted!!

twenty-six// the beach is without a doubt my happy place, sinking my toes in the sand, hearing the waves crash on shore....perfection!

twenty-seven// the age I hope to be getting married at or already married

twenty-eight// In the past few weeks I've really connected with more bloggers and I'm so happy I reached out to them. Each of the women have been so sweet and so supportive!

twenty-nine// My Lilly Pulitzer "Lucky Charms" phone case makes me so happy and brightens my day. And Yes, I had to go to Charleston to find it :)
thirty// I always get compliments on my eyes

thirty-one// the summer I graduated high school was the best summer of my life and I'd go back in a heartbeat


thirty-three// Don't get me wrong, I love college, but I'm ready to settle down, find my husband, become an SLP and be a Mommy

thirty-four// Changing my major was one of the best decisions I've ever made

thirty-five// My canon rebel t1i is my best friend

thirty-six// It captures memories that will last a life time and I'm so thankful for that

thirty-seven//I am a lover all things timeless and classic

thirty-eight// As I've become older I've be come so sentimental and this normal!?

thirty-nine// I want a german shorthaired pointer once I move out and I'm on my own.
forty// I love being pampered: mani's, pedi's, haircuts and color

forty-one// However, that rarely happens. It's nice every once and a while :)

forty-two// Thanksgiving and Christmas are my two favorite holidays

forty-three// I love to dress up all pretty but don't mind getting dirty in the mud

forty-four// I work at Coach (yes, the handbag store) and I love it

forty-five// Have I told you how much I wish I lived at the beach, even during the winter time?

forty-six// I fell in love with the Carolina's while I was there this past summer

forty-seven// Navy and Pink are my favorite colors, if you couldn't tell!

forty-eight// I love to fish and have since I was a little girl

forty-nine// I want 4 kids

fifty// Yay! My 50th post is complete! This may be one of my favorite posts to date

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What's on my Christmas List?

When I saw Elise @ Cheers Y'all and Jen @ Down with the Dearmores were hosting a Christmas link up I was so happy! I love Christmas and for some reason I'm loving it so much more this year. I even started listening to various Christmas songs before Halloween....yeah that's a first for me too. 
School's been really stressful so any break I can get is a huge blessing. You better believe I'm already counting down to December 25th!

Below are some things I'm hoping Santa puts under the tree. A girl can dream right?! ;)

Christmas list!
1: bracelets: Kate Spade | I've always loved these Kate Spade bracelets and thought they'd be a nice addition to my wrist!

2: hat: UNC bookstore | I'm in love with UNC and am crossing my fingers and toes that I'll be able to attend Grad School there! Plus, I love my powder blue :)

3: iPad: Apple | Jumping on the iPad bandwagon. I finally realized how helpful it would be for classes and especially my major, SLP. Hoping my parents will agree!! ;)

4: PJ's: Victoria Secret | Every year we always get new PJ's from VS, so I'm hoping this pattern is under the tree!

5: Rain boots: Joules | I've been looking for rain boots for quite some time and recently came across these! How cute are they!?

6: Safety Chain: Pandora | Love my Pandora bracelet but my charms won't stay on my bracelet, so I'm definitely requesting a safety chain to keep 'em all on there!

 7: Longchamp | A Longchamp bag has been on my wish list for quite some time, but wasn't sure what color I wanted. When I saw my cousin has this exact bag, I knew I absolutely needed it in eggplant too! So rich, classy and perfect!!

Let the holiday festivities begin!!!

Happy Tuesday!!
4 days until I'm free and on Thanksgiving Break! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend my best friend came to visit. 
We've been counting down since she booked the trip in was a long two months of waiting and counting down let me tell ya! 
It was the first time she's come to visit since we've been away at college and we were both soooo excited!! Friday when ePj arrived it was so surreal. We both kept commenting on how we couldn't believe ePj was finally here and actually having a girls weekend and the weekend that we've talked about for years! Words honestly don't describe how excited and happy we both were!! 

So here's a little recap of our weekend :)

 we walked around downtown, walked around campus, went on a typical Starbucks run for a warm beverage, made dinner, went to the creamery and then went to an A Cappella sampler they were having on campus. It was AWESOME! I love A Capella and all of the groups were unbelievably talented!! 

We got up early for the game, it was ePj's PSU game so we wanted to get there early! Luckily we got in the S-Zone so we got a free tshirt! Yay! PSU killed Purdue so it was a great day in the valley!

my two new favorite pictures!

How I feel after a Girls Weekend.....
 photo tumblr_mr9wgjPmni1rjuwmto1_500_zps649f3652.gif

It was so perfect in every way, the good weekends always seem to go too darn fast!!
Girls weekends are so wonderful for the soul and I'm so thankful for them!

Linking up with Sami's Shenanigans!

Friday, November 15, 2013


I'm so thankful it's Friday. It feels like eternity since last weekend. I've been fighting a cold for the past week or so and finally went to MedExpress on Monday for my saving grace...Z-PACK and cough medicine! Due to all of my drug allergies that's about all I can take when I get sick (boo.) However the cough medicine needs to do it's job because yesterday when I woke up I felt like I had bronchitis from all the coughing. I just want to be home so my Momma can take care of me! :)

Linking up with the 5 on Friday gals!

1.  My BFF, ePj is coming to visit me this weekend. EEEEK. (ok, glad I got that out.) I haven't seen her since we left for school in August. PURE TORTURE! She also has never come to visit me at school because our schedules have been so insane, needless to say, I'm SO excited! ePj has been my best friend since 2nd grade, she's also my neighbor so it makes the friendship that much more special. I love her dearly and can't wait to show her PSU!! 
2. So happy to see {av}'s theme this week was plaid. I'm obsessed with plaid, like the Christmas plaid. Everyone knows what I'm talking about. It's so classy. I can't wait to dress my kids up in that cute tartan. OK I'm crazy for thinking that far into the future! :)
{tartan} classic
3. But seriously? ;)
4. And a few pictures from last weekend. It's a week later, but so what! Canning was A BLAST!! and we raised so much money! (YAY FTK!!!) I also loved getting to know the girls better, they were so sweet and we laughed a whole heck of a lot! So good for the soul! 
5. This time next week I'll be headed home for Thanksgiving break to see my sweet family and spend time with them! Can't wait!!! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Fives!

Hi little blog of mine! It has been quite a while!

Excuse my absence, it's been CRAAAZY around here. School, work, catching up on sleep, the list goes on and on. Anyhoooo....I'm soo glad it's friday!!!

1. Tonight I'm leaving to go canning with one of my school organizations to raise money for pediatric cancer (THON)!!! If you're not familiar with Penn State's Dance MaraTHON, I highly recommend checking out their website. It's so emotional. I'm sooo incredibly excited and lucky to be able to help to raise money and donate to such a wonderful organization!!  

2. I found these hunter boots on pinterest (of course) and I'm in love! I've always wanted a pair of hunter boots but could never find the perfect color! Nice and springy and a pop of color in the winter!
3. I love this quote so much. It's such a wonderful reminder.
4. I'm also loving the fall colors all around campus. Most of the trees have changed, such an abundance of oranges, reds and yellows. Swoon! I would walk around campus just to take pictures of the trees and soak up their beauty!!
5. And last but not least.....46 days until CHRISTMAS!! I'm beyond excited 

And of course linking up with 5 on Friday gals!! 

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