Monday, September 2, 2013

Erin Condren Planner review

Oh, hey, blog. I can't believe how long my blogging hiatus was. I only intended it to be a week due to lack of motivation. However, summer picked up and my blog went on the back burner. But I'm finally back!!! 

So, I love, love, love planners (and school supplies- different topic for a different day)

I always have my planner with me, like if I don’t have it it’s just…weird.

While away, I ordered my Erin Condren Life Planner! WOOO! 

I was so excited the day my planner arrived that I seriously looked at it about 30 times (no joke!) With every look, I continued to find more wonderful features. I ordered my planner through Tiny Prints because I was in a time crunch. Well....TP sent me the 16 month panner instead of the 12 month (how it was advertised online) the price ended up being $2.94/month...which made me such a happy girl!!! I was estactic when I finally realized it was from Aug 2013-Dec 2014! God is SO good! Whether the girl at TP was misinformed about the pricing/months or what, I'm so glad I received the 16 month! 

I also loved ordering through tiny prints for two reasons:

1. 10% off COUPONS and FREE shipping!! 
2. half the delivery time if I ordered through
I chose this design because my two favorite colors are navy & pink!
very thick cover and strong binding---great quality right there!
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mini Calendars!

2 page monthly spread

weekly spread

Love the icons on cute?!

It's not as thick as it may look, I promise!
love the quotes throughout the planner! So motivational!
all time favorite quote!!!

stickers and there's more blank ones behind
"keep it all together" pocket

I guess now to the pro & con list!

-beautiful, customizeable cover with my name on it!
-day breaks down into: morning, day, night. (Never thought of breaking my day that way, but I actually love it now!)
-Saturday & Sunday are also include in the weekly view. In all of the other planners I've had the weekends were always split and I found it annoying to have to turn the page instead of it being all laid out in front!
-VERY colorful, each month has it's own color scheme
-made in the USA! I've gotten more into buy things made in the US...we need to support our local companies!

-$55 price tag. 
Truly debated the purchase for weeks, for some reason I had such a hard time justifying that much on a planner. Once I broke down the planner by monthly cost, it made it a little easier. (Now seeing the planner in person and all of the work put into this to make it and how many things you can use it for, it's definitely worth the money!)

And these are the pens I bought to go with my planner (love to color code everything) Yup, Type A personality right here. 
Paper Mate Flair Point-Guard Porous Point Pens

I’m not doing this for Erin Condren, (she doesn’t even know who I am) I’m doing it for all the women who were on the fence like me about purchasing the planner. I searched long and hard for blog reviews about the EC’s planners and I’m so glad I did it. So if I can help make someone’s decision a little easier (to purchase one, of course) then I will be one happy camper!!

And at the end of all of this, if you still have doubts, IT’S WORTH EVERY PENNY. 

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  1. That looks like a great planner, I love the colours and dividers and quotes... I'm a little bit envious!

  2. I did not purchase an Erin Condren this year BUT I am doing my best to color code my new one ... and I'm sure that'll will only last a short bit of time.

    Stopping by from Mingle MOnday :)


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