Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Every End is a New Beginning

Last week I finished up my two years at Altoona. Now headed to University Park in the fall (AHHHHH! So exciting but scary too!) As much as I complained about Altoona, I really can't imagine starting at another campus. It was a perfect place to meet people, "get my feet wet," and really transition. If I started at University Park my freshman fall....well, who knows what would've happened! 

I'm so thankful for all of the people I met along the way, regardless of if we're still friends. I learned so many life lessons in the past two years. I can't even believe it. But one of the biggest things I learned was how important my Faith was. 

But aside from the life lessons (because I could go on, and on) here are some pictures I captured during my sophomore year.....

 tailgated with these lovely ladies!

white out game!


donated blood

met these amazing ladies!

saw this beautiful sunset 

was able to be apart of THON 2013! AMAZING!!

getting accepted into my major and program!! SO EXCITED!

 celebrated my birthday with some wonderful friends!!

 we just love getting insomnia cookies....seriously delicious!

As my friend Jess said right before we left "Now we can't make excuses that there's nothing fun to do like we said in Altoona because at State there are SO many options"...Jess you are so right! 

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