Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I think it was a few weeks ago during Spring Break when my BFF Erica and I were talking about summer plans. We discussed possible work opportunities, planning fun activities, making a bucket list (another post) and some where in between all of that we talked about working out. I told her how I'd been waking up early every morning and how I actually liked getting up because I felt so much more productive. Erica's a morning person and she's running the Broad Street Run in May (YOU GO GIRL!!!)

After more talking, we came up with this great plan....getting up early in the mornings and running and the lake near our house. I'm so excited that my best friend and I will be working TOGETHER towards our personal goals but having fun too. We'll get through the struggles together and cheer each other on along the way. And of course I will be leaning on my other biggest supporter and cheerleader, the Lord!! I couldn't do it without Him either. Could it get any better? Eeee I'm so excited!!! 

I've wanted to lose weight and work out for a long time. Every time I start I feel like I can never fully stick with it and often got frustrated. This summer my goal is to: BE CONSISTENT!! Regardless of how much weight I actually lose, I want to feel better about myself, eat healthier and stay consistent. 

When my Mom and I went shopping at the outlets this past weekend, I happened to come across some work out clothes and it's making me even more excited! I put two outfits together but didn't get any sneakers. I'm still trying to see which ones would be the best. Any suggestions for the runners out there?

On the Go
On the Go by summergirl1693 featuring activewear shorts

I always find Nike to have the best motivational quotes. Here are a few I found within the past few days.

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