Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hi and welcome to my blog! I’ve been debating about starting a blog for a while, and after looking at so many different ones, I decided to start my OWN! Yup, I took the plunge and I’m finally apart of the blogging world! YAYYY! There’s sooo much to learn. Bear with me because this could be a complete success, or a total disaster! So I’ll take as much advice as I can get. I created this blog because I wanted to be able to document my experiences and thoughts through my college and “transitional years,” or anyone whose willing to listen to me vent and offer me advice during this time in my life!

Here’s some things about me:

  • I’m a sophomore (soon to be junior…AHHHH!) at Penn State studying Speech and Language Pathology
  • Family and Friends are my favorite people in the world, they have taught me so many things
  • Essie nail polish is a favorite
  • Dunkin Donuts iced hazelnut coffee gets me through the day
  • I’m a sucker for anything nautical, monogrammed, or southern
  • I love the smell of ocean air, and the feeling of sand between my feet
  • Navy and Pink are my favorite colors
  • Photography is also a huge passion
  • If you try and tell me there’s someone more attractive than Luke Bryan, Chris Young or Jason Aldean, I’m sorry but you will not win

There’s so much more to learn and discuss, so I hope you stay along for the ride as I go through this crazy thing called LIFE! 

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